Saturday Snapshot: Our Private Park (Almost)

We live in a neighborhood of cookie-cutter homes, but we know our neighbors and we appreciate our little pied-à-terre.  Yet few of our neighbors have young children, and fewer still know about the park within walking distance from our street. We call it le Parc des Champignons because of the mushrooms that grow from the bark chips there in the fall.

The playground we love to visit by bike or on foot

To be more accurate, it's a church playground, which mostly explains why we're the only ones playing there during the week. I appreciate this little park so much--not just because we use the play space, but because it's peaceful and surrounded by beautiful trees, a vegetable garden, and a pasture. It also gives us an excuse to traipse across a field and over gravel paths and past blackberry bushes on our way there.

My toddler on his Strider bike en route to the park

One day last year we arrived to find that a frayed rope swing had been replaced with this horsey made from an old tire. My children run to this swing when we arrive now.

My son ridin' the cowboy way

My son ridin' the cowboy way

We've spotted a garter snake and cottontail rabbits darting into the bushes, and nearly stumbled onto a bevy of caterpillars munching away in the field. (I hope we find more caterpillars this spring to use as live exhibits in our butterfly habitat.)

As these autumn days grow colder, I hope you can step outdoors and embrace a space that feels like God's little park just for you. Wishing you blessings and a relaxing weekend!

Autumn leaves near my home in Oregon

Autumn leaves near my home in Oregon

Waiting for mama to catch up

More cowboy swingin'