LIfe with Little Ones Holiday Home Tour

fireweed front door Christmas wreath intentional mama

Have you pinned any photos from holiday home tours lately? Last week I was admiring the lovely photos of Jen's IHeart Christmas Home Tour when I remembered that she has three boys--she must have taken her lovely home photos when they were away at school. My little house is cozy and wonderful in winter, but it's always evident that we have little ones around! So, to add some cheer and humor to your day, here is 

Intentional Mama's

Life with Little Ones Holiday Home Tour:


Our fireweed red front door hides fingerprints well, though the side curtain often hangs askew as evidence of little ones peeping for delivery elves.

(The UPS elves always seem to arrive at nap time, which is fantastic, but then they ring the doorbell, which is not fantastic.)


Family Room:

Our family room gets the showiest holiday decor with cedar garland on the mantel and a fresh Christmas tree in the corner. The tree is always a reasonable size because my husband chooses a tree that can be crammed in the trunk of our car. Lassoing it to the car's roof is démodé, apparently.

The Tree:

While our tree is grown locally, it resembles the Tower of Pisa. Apparently my son can fit behind it easier than I can, because  I had to squeeze behind it to soak up a wet spot left by my potty-training toddler, and it's never truly stood straight since then. 

We originally decorated the entire tree, but the ornaments quickly migrate to the upper half. At first, just the breakable ones were placed up high, but as I find ornaments strewn about the house as playthings, I keep moving them out of reach. If you're a parent, I'm sure your tree is just lovely at eye-level and above.

The stockings were all hung by the chimney with care, but someone is constantly tugging them down and trying them on.

leaning Christmas tree intentional mama

The Tree Topper:

We could cut the tree point shorter, but then our preschool child would have a good shot at getting the angel down using the nearby piano stool, and considering the angel has some stray electrical wires, we think the topper is quite nicely positioned as it is.








The Office/Guest Room (no photo):

The only decorations here besides my paperwork piles (no photography, please!) are the new ornaments from Grandma. These will be excellent for celebrating Christmas in July, because they'll be on my desk for at least that long before I get around to replacing the stock photos with my children's portraits.

The Hallway:

On the credenza, the serenity of a single miniature tree is particularly arresting, mostly because the nearby crêche and nativity figurines have gone missing. No worries, however--the nativity figures always show up. They're usually in . . .

The Dollhouse

The Biblical narrative of the nativity story will always be my favorite, but children excel at creating alternative versions:

nativity figurines at play intentional mama
dollhouse nativity fun intentional mama
nativity figurines in dollhouse intentional mama

Merry Christmas from our home to yours, mes amis! Can you relate to some of these holiday scenarios and truths? If so, count yourself among the blessed ones who get to experience Christmas through a child's eyes. And feel free to share your little ones' unique nativity scenes on Intentional Mama's Facebook page.

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