A Little Girl's View of Paris: OliveUs Films

Have you seen an OliveUs film yet? Ben and Gabrielle Blair (of DesignMom fame) together with Tiger in a Jar productions have created three seasons of adorable short films featuring their six children. The episodes are filmed in France and are mostly under three minutes in length. I love watching them because of their sweetness, and the French settings are so idyllic.

My personal favorite is Betty in Paris (because I love Paris, but also because it's wonderful to see the city through the eyes of a child): 


And this one is a fun reminder about what it's like to be two years old: 


And for Francophones, here's Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood). My daughter adores this episode!


If you find yourself wanting to watch more of these, I have good news: Ulive, an online video channel, is releasing the next season of OliveUs episodes at the end of this week. J'ai beaucoup d'anticipation!