Disney's Frozen in French: Music & Film Clips from "La Reine des Neiges"

As a fan of quality animated films, my husband was quick to purchase Disney's Frozen on DVD for the benefit of our five-year-old daughter. She adores the story, though I wish that the Blu-ray version we purchased had a French audio option. As a next-best alternative, I'm featuring some official film clips here from La Reine des Neiges, the French version, so that you and my daughter can enjoy portions of this sweet story and its music in French. 

First, though, I want to share this video featuring the theme song, Let It Go, sung by amazing female soloists worldwide in 25 languages:

Isn't it rewarding to hear this song in so many languages and to see the talented divas who sing it so well?

Here's a video of the same theme song entirely in French (Libérée, délivrée):

If you'd like to learn the song in French, here's the French karaoke version with subtitles: 

Back to the story: Here's a one-minute extract of the humorous scene where Anna and Sven first meet Olaf. You don't have to understand French to enjoy this:

"Bonjour à tous; je m'appelle Olaf; j'aime les gros calîns." What a character! If you're new to French, you might find it helpful to know that the word for reindeer is un renne, which sounds identical (except in gender) to une reine (queen).

After some sleuthing, I've discovered you can buy the French/English bilingual DVD for just $13 (Canadian) on Amazon.ca (or the bilingual Blu-ray version for $20). I wish I'd known that before we bought our American version.

One of the French posters for Frozen

One of the French posters for Frozen

On the other hand, you can't buy French music MP3s on Amazon.fr unless you have a French address and French credit card. We Americans, French expats, and other readers can find copies of the French soundtrack on Amazon.com from specific sellers like this one.

Do you own any Disney films with a French language option? Which Disney or Pixar films would you most like to hear in another language (and which language)?

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