Upcoming Blog Topics & Free, Printable French Educational Worksheets

Bonjour, les amis! For me, blogging is a joy, enabling me to be more intentional as a parent and allowing me to promote French learning, but I'll admit that blogging often and consistently is becoming more of a struggle. Now that I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy, I just can't give up as much sleep as I used to in order to write. These days, I aim to post twice per week, but this may not happen as often as I hope. Merci pour votre patience--I appreciate your staying with me through my less frequent times of writing.

Mette asleep on a sofa by Paul Gauguin, 1875

Nonetheless, I have several upcoming posts I look forward to sharing over time: my reflections on Pamela Druckerman's Bringing Up Bébé (as I mentioned in this post), thoughts on spanking (so controversial!), my daughter's experience since starting violin lessons at age four, and a review of CNED, the French distance education subscription service (assuming I sign up for it soon).

I'll also post links to a few bilingual parenting-related podcasts I've participated in recently. I'm excited to point you to them because the women running these podcasts have collected such valuable information for parents wanting to raise children bilingually!

grandiravecnathan.com grande section nombres French number worksheet example.png

In the meantime, I'll share one of my favorite sites for free printable, educational French worksheets for preschool and elementary-age children: GrandirAvecNathan.com.  This parent-oriented website is a wonderful resource for fun educational pages organized by age range--and they also have printable coloring pages with adorable characters for the youngest kiddos. 

To navigate to the activity pages that best represent your child's age and skills, click the tab that represents your child's age bracket, then click the "exercices" tab. You can further refine the results by petite section (toddlers), moyenne section (preschool), or grande section (kindergarten).

Bonne chance with your new routines and family schedules as September draws to a close.

No, this isn't a sponsored post--just a French resource for parents and teachers that I'm glad to share! All reviews on this blog reflect my own unsolicited opinions. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.