5 Most Read Posts of 2013

 Bonne année 2014! Happy New Year!


Quelle joie--Don't we all love to start afresh? But 2013 was a fulfilling and joyful year for me  as I launched this blog. As 2014 unfolds, I look forward to making Intentional Mama a blog that is easier for you to search and comment. I also plan a series of posts on French parenting books and more topics relevant to mamas (like marriage, self-maintenance and mojo). (Don't you want to find your groove this year? I definitely do!) I'll also add more about my children's bilingual journey as it continues to unfold.

in the meantime, here are the top 5 most read posts at Intentional Mama since September 2013, when I launched this blog (excluding holiday-related content, which is less relevant right now):

1. How to Make Brown Sugar (1 minute video featuring my four-year-old)

2. DIY Dry Erase Family Calendar (for home or classroom use)

3. My Language Love Story: From France with Amour

4. International Lullabies: French, English, and Spanish Bedtime Songs for Children

5. Motherhood: The Beauty of Becoming

If another post stands out in your memory, let me know! (You can comment at the end of this post or on the Intentional Mama Facebook page, or email me at michele@intentionalmama.com.) It's a delight to know what topics are inspiring, memorable, or encouraging for you. Merci for joining me here in 2014!

A bientôt,

Michele Cherie