Infant Pottying: Why It's A Sweet Way to Parent (and Have Fewer Diapers to Change)

A few weeks ago I shared some forgotten truths about newborns and I mentioned that newborns can use the potty. Western cultures like ours are largely ignorant about this, but in this Information Age, such knowledge is spreading again. If you aren't familiar with Infant Pottying, Elimination Communication (E.C.), or Natural Infant Hygiene, I'm glad to share what I've learned as we've raised our babies this way. It takes an open mind to read this without skepticism, but you can do it!

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39 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3: Thoughts & Actions

Happy New Year's Eve! Today marks the 39-week point in my pregnancy with our third child, so in addition to reflecting on the past year and the possibilities ahead, I'm also highly aware that our family is about to embark on the adventure of birth and postpartum adjustments. It's like being at the front of the line for a roller coaster that you haven't actually seen. I'm not fearful, only excited, but I also have the sense that the next few weeks and months could be quite a ride! 

Here's what I've been doing in these days before baby's birth:

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