Our Family's Bilingual Journey: Regrets & Current Successes

Since she was two years old, my daughter has generally spoken English to me. Before then, she spoke a fair amount of French words, but it seemed that as soon as she learned an English word from Daddy or an extended family member, she'd stop using the equivalent French word. She did continue to use some French nouns, but the predominance of English as her main language happened rapidly.

Lately I've wondered if pretending not to understand English would have prompted my infant daughter to speak French with me. I've heard this can be a successful technique--but my children always seemed to grasp that I understand English perfectly well since I speak it with my husband and everyone else.

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French Immersion Schools in Oregon (& Our Probable Choice)

I've been reading books on homeschooling since my firstborn was nine months old. I attended private schools myself, and I've always taught in public schools, but homeschooling holds such diverse educational possibilities that it was always my first choice for my children. Nonetheless, I recently re-examined that choice when I realized how much fluency my daughter could gain by spending time in an environment where French is required (rather than continuing to reply to me in English).  Living outside Portland, Oregon, we're amazingly blessed to have several Francophone school options:

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