Family Vacation: Aquariums, Sand, & Sushi

We're back from the coast, mes amis, but in a week we'll head to Central Oregon for another getaway. Lest you think I'm vaunting our vacation time (the benefit of a teacher's schedule), I admit I'd be content to stay home the rest of the summer. Home provides rhythm and reading and the resources I'd like to use for planning my daughter's homeschool curriculum. But carpe diem--time away from home is beneficial in unexpected ways.

We visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium this past weekend, partly so my son could use his free ticket from our library's summer reading program.

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Bastille Festival: Celebrating France in Oregon

Even though I've lived in Aix-en-Provence and Lyon, I've never been in France for la FĂȘte Nationale on July 14th. I'm especially grateful, then, that my hometown of Portland, Oregon, is the site of the largest Bastille Day Festival on the West Coast. Organized by the Alliance Française de Portland, this family-friendly festival draws thousands of visitors over six hours of events. This year marked the tenth annual celebration. Here's what I continue to love about it:

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Outdoor Adventure at Portland Children's Museum: What To Know Before You Go

The Portland Children's Museum opened their long-awaited Outdoor Adventure exhibit on Earth Day last week, and my children and I had a great time checking it out! Honestly, it's fantastically designed for all ages, with a sand pit, fountains, a small manmade creek, a climbing tree, trails, picnic areas, and more. If you plan to check it out, here are some thoughts to consider before you go:

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