C'est le Weekend: Links You'll Like

The weekend is here! We had a busy day at the Children's Museum today (pictured above), but I'm thinking of taking my children to see the Rose City Classic Dog Show here in Portland tomorrow. (I've never owned a dog, nor do we have enough room for one, but my children would love the show!) If we go, I'll try to post a photo or two on my Instagram account.  In the meantime, enjoy these links I've collected for you!

Appetizer Link (lighter fare): 

  • Video: Paper is not dead. I'm sure you'll get a chuckle out of this French commercial (no translation needed!).

Main Course Link (heavier food for thought): 

Dessert Link (sweetness): 

  • Video: A million little ways. Though this is a book trailer, it's almost a tearjerker. I hope you take Emily's encouragement to heart.

Bon weekend, mes amis!