Daily Audio Bible: French, Spanish, & Other Languages

Mes amis, I'm excited to tell you about the Daily Audio Bible and how you can hear the Bible read aloud in French (or Spanish, English, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, or Mandarin). I've tried French audio Bible apps in the past, but the apps themselves weren't very user-friendly. Here's what's different about the Daily Audio Bible and five reasons why I appreciate it:

  1. It's a daily podcast that presents a few chapters of the Bible per day, covering the whole Bible in a year. (There are also options to simply hear Psalms or Proverbs daily in English or Spanish).
  2. The audio recordings are clear, lively, and well-narrated, making them easy to follow and engaging to hear.
  3. The podcasts read from different Bible translations over time, so you become familiar with the different styles of each translation.
  4. The app and website are easy to navigate, with each day's reading organized by date so that you can easily catch up on missed dates or jump to today's reading.
  5. The online podcasts are free, but I recommend buying the app (only .99 cents) so you can listen to it easily on your phone or tablet. It's so inexpensive that you won't regret buying it even if you only listen to it intermittently.
Brian Hardin , founder and narrator of the Daily Audio Bible in English

Brian Hardin, founder and narrator of the Daily Audio Bible in English

There are more than 700 five-star reviews for the DAB on the iTunes app store and thousands of listeners each day, so you'll be one of many people worldwide who appreciate the DAB community.

A screenshot of the DAB app

A screenshot of the DAB app

Once you download the app, you have the option of listening in any of the languages I mentioned above, so you don't need separate apps for each language. (You can switch between English and Spanish from one week to another, for example, using the same app.)

This post is an unsolicited review of the DAB app; all opinions are my own.

Do you read the Bible in a language other than English? Have you ever read through the Bible from start to finish?

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