Joyeux Noël & A Podcast about Our Family Language Trip

Joyeux Noël, les amis! Yes, Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas! I have a little gift for you if you listen to podcasts and are interested in traveling as a family to help you or your children improve your bilingual skills! You see, Marianna DuBosq at Bilingual Avenue has just released the 100th episode of the Bilingual Avenue podcast, and in this episode, Polish mama & translator Hanna Cheda and I share about how we took our families overseas for amazing language immersion experiences. I give details about how we saved money for the trip, how my children handled the experience, and how I enrolled my daughter in a French school. Hanna shares about locating affordable family housing and finding free immersion experiences for children. I hope you love what you learn!

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Our French Language Journey: A Podcast at Bilingual Kids Rock

Bonjour encore, mes amis! Just two weeks ago I shared with you my podcast with Marianna Du Bosq at Bilingual Avenue. (If you missed it, you can find it here on iTunes.) I enjoyed speaking with Marianna about what the journey has been like as I raise my children in non-native French, and I'm glad to hear that the podcast has been popular. 

Likewise, I was just as thrilled to record a podcast with Olena Centeno at Bilingual Kids Rock--and it's just been released this past week! My talk with Olena focuses more on the details and background of how I came to speak French with my children, how my family (and strangers) react to my French, and my journey as a language learner, parent, and teacher. I'm thrilled to link to my podcast with Olena for the first time here:

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An Encouraging Podcast and Sweet Reading

Bonjour les amis! It's been quiet on the blog this week, but today I'm glad to share with you two linguistic resources that may delight you:

First is a children's picture book called Little Treasures: Endearments from Around the World. Published in 2011, each page features several terms of endearment that parents use with their children in their own language. From mon petit chou (my little cabbage) in French to docinho de coco (little coconut candy) in Portuguese, it features sweet nicknames along with their translations and pronunciation in each of fourteen languages--German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc. We discovered this book at the library, and my daughter has loved choosing the nickname that she would prefer from each language.

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Daily Audio Bible: French, Spanish, & Other Languages

Mes amis, I'm excited to tell you about the Daily Audio Bible and how you can hear the Bible read aloud in French (or SpanishEnglishJapaneseArabicPortuguese, or Mandarin). I've tried French audio Bible apps in the past, but the apps themselves weren't very user-friendly. Here's what's different about the Daily Audio Bible and five reasons why I appreciate it:

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Three Podcasts Worth Listening to This Summer: Family, Travel, & Culture

July is here! Does your family's summer rhythm (or lack thereof) feel comfortable yet? Summer in my household means that dishes and laundry pile up, but in contrast, we have a lot of fun as a family and I'm able to finish long-awaited projects like completing my son's baby album and planning next summer's trips. Hopefully you, too, have more time on your hands--time to read, play, and listen. Here are five intriguing podcasts that I've been enjoying while driving or tackling those dishes this summer:

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