Our French Language Journey: A Podcast at Bilingual Kids Rock

Bonjour encore, mes amis! Just two weeks ago I shared with you my podcast with Marianna Du Bosq at Bilingual Avenue. (If you missed it, you can find it here on iTunes.) I enjoyed speaking with Marianna about what the journey has been like as I raise my children in non-native French, and I'm glad to hear that the podcast has been popular. 

Likewise, I was just as thrilled to record a podcast with Olena Centeno at Bilingual Kids Rock--and it's just been released this past week! My talk with Olena focuses more on the details and background of how I came to speak French with my children, how my family (and strangers) react to my French, and my journey as a language learner, parent, and teacher. I'm thrilled to link to my podcast with Olena for the first time here:

Olena Centeno and family (from Bilingual Kids Rock)

Both Marianna and Olena are wonderful women who are supporting bilingual families through educational podcasts as they raise their own children. Marianna just launched Bilingual Avenue last month and is full of enthusiasm! I appreciate that her podcasts feature a balanced mix of informed academic scholars and inspiring, down-to-earth parents. And Olena at Bilingual Kids Rock has a knack for distilling her guests' comments into insightful wisdom for the journey of bilingual parenting. Between these podcasts, I get plenty of encouragement to continue our bilingual French and English family journey.

I hope you enjoy both of my podcast interviews and find more inspiration for your family journey!