Joyeux Noël & A Podcast about Our Family Language Trip

Joyeux Noël, les amis! Yes, Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas! I have a little gift for you if you listen to podcasts and are interested in traveling as a family to help you or your children improve your bilingual skills! You see, Marianna DuBosq at Bilingual Avenue has just released the 100th episode of the Bilingual Avenue podcast, and in this episode, Polish mama & translator Hanna Cheda and I share about how we took our families overseas for amazing language immersion experiences. I give details about how we saved money for the trip, how my children handled the experience, and how I enrolled my daughter in a French school. Hanna shares about locating affordable family housing and finding free immersion experiences for children. I hope you love what you learn!

Again, you'll find the 100th Bilingual Avenue podcast episode here:

On a related note, here's how I enrolled my son in a French public school for a month along with the three lessons I learned from planning a family trip abroad.

In the meantime, it's been very quiet here on the blog. Have any of you felt an ongoing sadness about the Paris and California attacks? I've been processing what happened and what it means, and it's just so devastating. At the same time, I've been planning a 40th birthday party for my husband, prepping for the joy of Christmas, and organizing my sons' upcoming birthdays (1 year and 4 years old!). Adding to the joyful task list, my husband and I are preparing to have a new home built for our family starting this coming spring. So with this emotional and physical whirlwind of events and to-do's, I stepped away from blogging for a bit. Nonetheless, I hope to see you here again soon. Have a lovely, peaceful Christmas!

Central Oregon snow (from  my Instagram account )

Central Oregon snow (from my Instagram account)

My youngest son, glad to celebrate his first Christmas

My youngest son, glad to celebrate his first Christmas