Streamlining my Hopes for this Year: What I'm Loving

Bonjour mes amis,

How did the month of January go for you? Are you still feeling hopeful about 2019? There are a few simple things that have given me a burst of optimism about this year and the future, so I'd like to share what I've found:

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Predictions, Patience, and Peace in 2015

I'm predicting some changes for our family in 2015--good changes, but startlingly big. There's the little one who's due date is today. (Whenever you're ready, little one, we'd love to meet you!). There's a summer-long stay in France that may extend into autumn if I stay a few weeks longer with our children. And once we're all home, we may begin building a house if God opens the door to some land that we'd like to purchase. All of these changes hold so much hope! Just knowing that they are possible reminds me that we are extravagantly blessed beyond anything we deserve.

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C'est le Weekend: Links for the New Year

It's been months since I last shared some weekend links, mostly because I avoid posting content unless I think you'll find it relevant or insightful, and I just hadn't come across many good articles online. But with the New Year, there's a lot of fresh, motivational content out there--content about recipes, parenting, humor, and bilingualism, so read on!

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