C'est le Weekend: Links for the New Year

It's been months since I last shared some weekend links, mostly because I avoid posting content unless I think you'll find it relevant or insightful, and I just hadn't come across many good articles online. But with the New Year, there's a lot of fresh, motivational content out there--content about recipes, parenting, humor, and bilingualism, so read on!

Happy New Year in Sydney by  Loïc Lagarde

Happy New Year in Sydney by Loïc Lagarde

Appetizer Links (Lighthearted):

Main Course Links (Heavier food for thought):

Dessert Links (Sweetness):

That’s the funny thing about motherhood. You start off with so little on your plate, and it feels like you’re absolutely drowning. And yet the more you add, the more joyful it becomes.
— Jeanne Harrison at LovingMyLot.com
photo via  Rachel Kramer

photo via Rachel Kramer

Bonne année, mes amis!

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